How can Dad keep being a hero? (The secret is omega-3!)

Don’t skip meals

When working long hours in the office or on the job, sustaining your body with the right amount of energy and nutrients is highly important. Skipping a meal can make your body feel weak and tired. Moreover, doing it often can lead to nutritional deficiencies and even problems with digestion. As much as you can, eat a complete meal on time and be mindful of what you eat.

Move while working

It can be difficult to incorporate exercise in the office or when going through a hectic schedule. Every once in a while, try to stretch or stand up and walk around for a bit to keep your body active and awake. If you can skip the elevator and use the stairs even for just a couple of floors, you are already burning calories. Not only can this help your physical strength, but moving can also give you the quick break and pause that you need to benefit your mental health.

Get enough sleep and rest

If not emphasized enough, your body needs and deserves proper rest. Try your best to get around 8 hours of sleep nightly to feel energized enough for the next day. Consistently lacking sleep can also pose a threat to your health. It may even affect your focus and function at work. Additionally, sleep deficiency can even cause you higher stress levels. Therefore, try to sleep enough and during appropriate hours.

Have regular check-ups

Never postpone your check-ups especially when you feel any hint or symptom. It is always best to consult with your doctor regarding any pain or health concerns. If you are already diagnosed with a medical condition or comorbidities, always follow your doctor’s advice and have check-ups with them periodically.

Be consistent with medications and other nutrition boosters

In relation to having regular check-ups, it is also important to remain consistent with taking medications. Additionally, taking vitamins, minerals, and other dietary supplements can provide the nutrients you may be lacking in your busy lifestyle. However, note that these should not and could not replace your medication. They are only supplementary—meaning, an additional source of nutrients.